Sell tickets online

The money from the sales goes instantly to your PayPal account.

Our seamless checkout process allows to purchase tickets in two clicks without leaving your event page.

Sell tickets from your own website — your visitors never leave your site.

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Validate tickets at the event

Each ticket contains a unique QR code, printed on the ticket or sent to a mobile phone.

Use our free iPhone/iPad/iPod app to scan the QR code and instantly validate the ticket.

Each ticket is validated against the data on our secure servers, eliminating any possibility of fraud.

Use multiple devices at different entries. The check-in data is instantly synchronized among all your devices — the same ticket cannot be used at different entries to your venue.

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Fully customizable

Your guests won't know you're using us for ticketing.

Customize your event page to match you brand. Upload your own logo, use your own colors and text on the event page.

Add videos and images to your event description.

Use your own logo and text on tickets and in emails to guests.

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Control ticketing

Offer multiple price levels like General Admission, Student, VIP.

Create tickets with different sale dates to offer 'early bird' pricing.

Create discount codes and distribute them to select guests to get discounted tickets.

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Reserved seating

Use our tools to create seating charts for your venue.

Assign different ticket categories (General Admission, VIP) to seats on your charts.

Your guests select seats on the chart when buying tickets. The seats are printed on their tickets.

There are no set up fees and the chart editor is very easy to use.

Seating charts can be reused for all of your events at a given venue.

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Your own guest list

If you already have a guest list, upload it and use our iPad app to check in.

The app synchronizes the list with other devices, allowing for multiple points of entry.

Add guests to the list in real time — new names appear on the list instantly.

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Know your guest

Create a custom registration form with unlimited number of questions and answer options.

Your guests answer your questions when buying tickets.

Customer answers are printed on their tickets to be used at the event.

Collect customer information and export it in an Excel spreadsheet.

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